Karen Cantwell

Twitter? Yes or No?

Today, while driving to Taco Bell with my son (Taco Supremes – my guilty pleasure!), he proclaimed, “you need to be on Twitter to get the word out about your books, Mom.”

Now, I actually DO have a Twitter handle (@takethemonkeys), and for a while, was tweeting actively, but I began to wonder if readers were really “following” me. I have many Facebook followers and I find that Facebook is a very useful tool for letting readers know about new books, contests, polls, etc., but Twitter? I’m not so sure. So I figured, what better way to find out, than to go straight to the readers with this week’s poll:  DO YOU FOLLOW PEOPLE ON TWITTER? ======>

Feel free to leave comments too, if you have a particular idea or opinion you would like to expand upon on the subject!

And have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. I do not twitter or tweet, but sometimes I feel Twitterpated! 🙂

  2. I have a twitter account and I “follow” people but I don’t really read any tweets there. It’s too much, people send tweets far too often and it’s overwhelming. But some people swear by it so I don’t know.

  3. Yes! I love Twitter and would love to hang out with you in the Twitterverse! 🙂

  4. Twitter is a good way to find NEW followers (through hashtags) and even to drive them to your Facebook page and/or a newsletter or to Amazon. However, it requires lots of effort — like at least 6-10 original tweets daily. I try to target new groups — like parents; or people in California; or teachers — whoever you designate as your target readers.

    RESULTS: I have grown my Facebook followers significantly through Tweeting. I have discovered new blogs; info; places for reviews etc. I have built some name recognition, but I can’t tell if tweeting helped sales.

    Tweetdeck made a huge difference in implementation.

  5. Twitter still confuses me. I prefer Facebook which confuses me too, but that is more manageable.

  6. I do, but I rarely get a chance to catch up. I find I scan for people I really like. (You would be one of them!)

  7. Thank you for your comments everyone! I too, think FB is more personal and that Twitter appears to be more of a get-the-word-out tool.