Karen Cantwell

Happy Mother’s Day!

To honor all mothers today, I’m giving away copies (either paperback or Kindle) of The Chronicles of Marr-nia, Short Stories Starring Barbara Marr. I’m not limiting the number I give away, I just have to have received your email by 11:00 a.m. Monday morning (my time). ¬†Email to karen.cantwell@yahoo.com and type MOTHER’S DAY in the subject line. ¬†Already have a copy of...
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Twitter? Yes or No?

Today, while driving to Taco Bell with my son (Taco Supremes – my guilty pleasure!), he proclaimed, “you need to be on Twitter to get the word out about your books, Mom.” Now, I actually DO have a Twitter handle (@takethemonkeys), and for a while, was tweeting actively, but I began to wonder if readers were really “following” me. I have many Facebook followers and I...
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