Karen Cantwell

The Order of Things (and books)

If you are like me, and you find a series you like, you want an easy way to find out the titles of that series listed in order so you can read them chronologically.

Barbara Marr Murder Mysteries –

1. Take the Monkeys and Run

2. Citizen Insane

3. Silenced by the Yams

4. Saturday Night Cleaver

5. Dead Man Stalking

6. Dial Marr for Murder

Sophie Rhodes Ghostly Romance

1. Keep Me Ghosted

2. Some Like it Haunted

Love in Rustic Woods

1. Kiss Me, Tate

Barbara Marr Short Stories and other collections

1. It’s a Dunder-Bull Wife, A Barbara Marr Holiday Short (proceeds donated to Make-aWish Foundation)

2. Bjorn! on the Fourth of July, A Barbara Marr Short Story