Karen Cantwell

Kiss Me, Tate


Tate Kilbourn was Bunny Bergen’s long-forgotten, secret high school crush. But that was twenty-four years ago, and a lot has happened since. Devastated by a nasty divorce, trying to juggle kids, bills and her new job – not to mention a boatload of insecurities – the last thing Bunny needs is to fall for Tate again. But then she finds herself working with him, and gee, he sure did grow sexier with age…

Quiet and deeply private, Tate barely knew that Bunny was alive in high school. And now that he’s back in Rustic Woods, he has a million reasons to fight his growing attraction for this gorgeous woman with the less-than-stellar reputation. The last thing he needs in his life is a woman, much less a woman like Bunny Bergen.

On the surface, Tate and Bunny appear to be an unlikely match. But, as Bunny knows all too well, appearances can be deceiving.

Kiss Me, Tate is the first book in the new Love in Rustic Woods Series, a romantic spin-off from the Barbara Marr Murder Mysteries. If you are a fan of the zany, problem-prone protagonist, Barbara Marr, you’ll remember lovable Bunny Bergen from, Citizen Insane.