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Saturday Night Cleaver! Get Your Copy Now!

It’s true! A day earlier than expected!

Saturday Night Cleaver, the fourth Barbara Marr Murder Mystery, is now Available in e-Book form for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

Poor Barb. She just can’t stay out of trouble, no matter how hard she tries. But this time she has a good reason: family friend Colt Baron has gone missing. When soccer mom, Barbara Marr, and her ex-FBI husband, Howard, begin following clues in a search for their treasured pal, they find themselves crashing a rather racy sort of party – a soiree for swinging couples. Awkward. What they learn there is…interesting. But the question is, does the information lead them to Colt?

But that’s not the best news!

For the first week of release, the price has been lowered on all four Barbara Marr novels – only $1.00 each! That’s right – for a week, you can purchase the full series for only $4.00.  That’s big, because even when the boxed set is released in March of 2013, it will be priced at $9.96. So, tell your friends that now is the time. The price on the first three books will go back up to $3.99 next Friday, December 14th.

Mostly, I just hope that the amazingly loyal Barbara Marr fans (the best in the world), continue to be entertained by Barb’s adventures!

Thank you and happy reading,


Click below on the link for the e-Book platform of your choice:

B&N for Nook



  1. Great new and thanks for the great price! I enjoy this series so much.

  2. Anonymous

    Can’t wait to get to my kindle and get it started. Barbara, as usual, will be a riot!

  3. I hope you both enjoy Barb’s new adventure thoroughly!