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CONTEST: Be a Character in Silenced by the Yams!

I had a blast last year when I ran the contest, “Be an Insane Character!”

Many people entered, but only one was chosen – reader, Karen Bell won that contest, and she graciously allowed me to use her maiden nickname, KiKi Urbanowski, for one of my characters in the just-released second Barbara Marr novel, Citizen Insane.

Thank you, Karen!!

So I figured, why not start a tradition, and run the contest again?

The third Barbara Marr novel will be, Silenced by the Yams — during the next week, everyone who leaves a comment on this blog asking to be entered will have a chance to win the Character Name Contest for that novel. Leaving an email address makes it easier for me to notify you, but if you don’t want to so, make sure you check back next Saturday, July 16th to find out if you won.

OR if you don’t want to leave a comment and/or email address, you can email me at karen.cantwell@yahoo.com – type CHARACTER CONTEST into the subject line.

OR you can leave a comment on my Facebook Author Page! (mention the contest)

Three easy ways to enter.

The winner will be selected by random drawing.

Are you in?

Let the game begin!!!!

Best wishes,

Karen Cantwell


  1. Yes, Anonymous, that’s enough of a comment! Thanks for entering. I’ll go edit the post to make that more clear about the comments. 🙂

  2. When will Silenced by the Yams be available? Not that I’m rushing you 😉

    I’ve entered on Facebook.

  3. Silenced by the Yams? Love it, Karen!! And I would love to have the honor of having a character borrow my name.


  4. I saw your facebook page, and I’d really want to be updated with contests and giveaways like these.