Karen Cantwell

Another Fun Poll!

Hello everybody!

That last poll was just too fun, so I’ve decided to run another one =============>

I hope you find this one just as fun! And if you choose “other,” feel free to elaborate in the comments!

Have a great weekend, friends!

Best wishes,



  1. I voted other and I think Catherine Tate would be great as Barb 🙂

  2. My ‘other’ : Leah Thompson who comes to mind from her role in ‘Jane Doe’ where she played a very believable housewife with an alter-ego as a ‘CSA’ (like CIA) agent.

  3. I’m not really up on actors & actresses, but of this list, Tina Fey is the only one, I think that would fit the bill. The Sarah is funny, but is a sexpot. I think we all see her that way. I don’t know Diane, or Kristin, but just looking at their pix…nahhh…Tina I think would be a good Barbara, I think.

  4. Mary – I had to look up Catherine Tate, but when I did, I knew her instantly. She WOULD be good! 🙂

    CSantoriello – Leah Thompson is another great choice. She’s Barb’s age and I think she could pull off Barb’s attitude. 🙂

    Linda – I had never thought of Tina Fey until I saw her in Date Night, and then I said, “That’s Barb!” 🙂

  5. How about Nicole Kidman?

  6. Oh! I’ve never thought of Nicole before! Should we call her agent? 🙂