Karen Cantwell

A New Series on the Horizon

First, before I get to the big news, did everyone see that Tina Fey won the poll, “Who would you like to see play Barbara Marr in the movie version?”

Now if only we could get someone to agree to buy the movie rights. And, of course, Tina would have to agree. Small hurdles. Small hurdles.

On to new news:

Over the next year, I will be releasing three books (shorter, novella length) in a paranormal romance series. The first Sophie Rhodes Ghostly Romance is titled Keep Me Ghostedand will be released to Kindle in July of 2012. I’m very excited, because I finally have a cover to share!

A brief description:

Sophie Rhodes needs a job, but does she need a man? Her talkative friend, Marmaduke Dodsworth, doesn’t think so. He wants her all to himself. That’s why things get a little dicey when she starts working for a cute eye doctor who finds her just as adorable. Oh, and there’s another problem: the cute doctor has a possessive friend as well, and just like Marmaduke . . . she’s a ghost. Will earthly love overcome spiritual intervention? A fun and feisty paranormal romance (wish a dash of mystery thrown in) – Book One in a three book series.

NOW DON’T PANIC BARBARA MARR FANS!!! The fourth Barbara Marr mystery, Saturday Night Cleaver, is also in the works, due for a December 2012 release. Later this week I will be running a poll with four title choices for the FIFTH Barbara Marr book, asking readers to weigh in on their favorite.

Have a great day everyone, full of fun, joy, and laughter.

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  1. Yikes! That was a major typo! Thank you for pointing it out – going to fix post right now! 2012! July of 2012! 🙂

  2. This book looks like fun. Putting in my book database.

  3. Thank you, Dru! I hope it entertains! 🙂

  4. Looks to be a fun series. Can’t wait!