Karen Cantwell

Contest Winner and Other Announcements

The Be a Character in a Barbara Marr Novel Contest is my favorite of the contests I hold. This time, I was very excited to have the highest number of entrants to date!! Of course, that’s good and that’s bad – it means more people are finding the Barbara Marr novels and becoming fans, but it also means so many more people won’t win. I wish I could make everyone a character!! I guess I’ll just have to write that many more novels, eh?

Okay, without further ado, here’s the announcement (drum roll please)….. the newest character who will appear in Dead Man Stalking is….

Vikki Cleveland!!!

Congratulations, Vikki!!! And thank you to everyone who entered.

Just for fun, I’m holding onto the names of all entrants for this contest, and will be drawing from that pool on Friday, Dec. 28th for ANOTHER CONTEST: Four lucky winners will receive a Barbara Marr t-shirt and a signed paperback copy of Take the Monkeys and Run.

If that wasn’t fun enough – everyone gets to vote on the book cover that will appear on this t-shirt! See the side bar to the right for that poll =========>

Are you new to the Barbara Marr books and/or didn’t enter the character name contest? You can still enter! leave a comment here, on my FB page, or email me at karen.cantwell@yahoo.com and type T-SHIRT CONTEST in the subject line.

In other new news, I’m having the website redesigned as I type out this post, so very soon, you will be landing on a fun new page that will also hopefully be more user-friendly as well as appealing to look at.

ALSO, I want to thank everyone who has purchased and/or reviewed Saturday Night Cleaver – it’s climbing up the Amazon eBook bestseller charts!!! And that’s all because of you, the readers.

Finally, I know the current events in Connecticut still weigh heavily on our minds and in our hearts, and we probably all wish there was something we can do to help. I’m no expert in the area of help – I work from my gut, and my gut tells me that even if I can’t help those families directly, that I can bring more love to our world by some very simple actions: I can smile at strangers I pass throughout my day, I can laugh rather than rant, I can open the door for someone at Starbucks or a mall shopper burdened by packages. I can let three people in a backed-up line of traffic, I can say “Thank-you” to a person who does the same for me. Tell everyone who is important to you how much you love them. I just can’t believe that Evil can endure in a world overwhelmed with love, so let’s start overwhelming.

My very best wishes to everyone this Holiday Season!